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January 5, 2021
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How does an Opening Roof System Work

Flat Louvred Roof Partially Open

An opening roof system is a perfect solution for Australians looking to get the most out of the great outdoors from the comfort of their home. The versatility of the system means that it can be used all year round. This capability can be attributed to the top-notch technology the system uses that make it the solution for enthusiastic homeowners around the country.

We know that the louvre shutters can be moved to let in more light and ultimately open the space up, but you may be asking yourself how this system works. First of all, the material is designed to be used in extreme conditions, and in the case of Eclipse louvre systems, it is comprised of cyclone rated Aluminium design. Eclipse’s unique aluminium louvres are manufactured to provide better insulation for the area beneath. The dual benefit of the aluminium  shutters means that hot air can be trapped in the space during the colder months and that the same heat can be kept out during summer.

The system can be installed to a number of different frames in various applications. Whether the design is fixed, freestanding, on an angle or a combination, the installers of these systems can attach the shutters to Aluminium, steel or timber.

Using a remote, you are able to open and close the louvre shutters at will. The individual shutters can move almost 180 degrees, which means that you can have ultimate control over countless lighting arrangements. If you wish to only open the shutters a fraction on a hot day for ventilation purposes, you can do so with ease.  Having an opening roof system such as this means that you will be able to adequately cater to any weather conditions, as well as create an ambience for any situation.

The design also encompasses a sensor system. Which means you can rest easy knowing that everything in the area under the opening roof system will remain dry. As soon as the sensor detects moisture the system will automatically close preventing the water from entering. Due to the angle of the slats, the water will then run off into a small gutter just like a regular roof system.  The Eclipse louvre system is 100% waterproof. This is due to the design and shape of the slats which are interlocking – creating a flat composition when fully closed. Not only is the system designed to shut when rain is detected, but it can also be programmed to open after the rain has stopped, meaning that the process is entirely maintenance free.

The Eclipse opening roof system is a simple design that is created so that the everyday users can enjoy the outdoors with minimal fuss and ultimate control over their space. If you want to make this system part of your home, give Eclipse Shade Systems a call.

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