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October 30, 2020
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What are the Benefits of Louvred Opening Roofs over a Traditional Pergola?

Openable Louvred Roof Patio

If you are like the majority of Australian’s, you love the outdoors. An embedded aspect of our culture is to spend quality family time outside during the warmer months, albeit in the shade. A staple for the Australian home has become the pergola, an outdoor area of the home for entertaining that to many, is as much of a necessity as a carport or an office. Having an extended living space for quality family time, or entertaining purposes is an added bonus that not only creates a homely space for creating memories but increases that value of your home.

The pergola is such an attractive addition to homes, that modern alterations and adaptations are being made to make the Australian indoor/outdoor experience even more beneficial. The Eclipse Louvre system is just the addition you need to take your outdoor area to the next level.

The Eclipse system adds a level of functionality to your outdoor area, as it gives you ultimate control over light, temperature and the overall ambience of the space. Compared to a traditional pergola, you will have an unmatched level of control over your indoor-outdoor area.

Basically, a Eclipse opening roof is an energy efficient, open-close roofing system that is comprised of Australian-made of Australian extruded aluminium. The mobile slats can be tilted to let in natural light, or shut to maintain a level of shade. This kind of versatility equates to a number of beneficial factors like greater ventilation, insulation, ambience and rain protection. Although some of the attributes are found in traditional pergolas, the level of versatility offered by Eclipse’s systems is unmatched.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of a Eclipse Louvre system is its insulative qualities. During the warmer months the louvre system can protect against heat, and in the winter it can keep the warmth in. These traits mean that compared to a traditional pergola, the system is more likely to be utilised all year round. This insulative functionality is due to the unique composition of louvre shutters compared to a traditional steel or timber pergola. The system is made from Aluminium, that are designed to close at almost 180 degrees for an insulating air gap, and to protect against the harshest sun.

The system is built with an intuitive sensor that will shut the open shutters when rain is encountered. So you don’t need to stress about leaving the shutters open for ventilation, because if unexpected rain comes, the system will protect you.

Where traditional pergolas will make sure that the below area is shaded all year round, a Eclipse louvre system will let in the greatest amount of natural light possible. This option once again adds another element of functionality to the outdoor area, where opening the slates on a warm spring day may give you another excuse to host a BBQ!

A Eclipse louvre system can be implemented in various applications. Whether it is over a walkway, a pool area or a balcony, but as an alternative to a traditional pergola, it has a vast list of benefits for all round-outdoor fun. If you are considering a system such as this for your home, give Eclipse a call.

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