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What’s the Difference Between a Gazebo and a Vergola

Openable Louvred Roof System

While a gazebo provides an option that is both covered and open for outdoor entertaining and living, it is still no match for a Eclipse open roofing system. The two options have a lot of similarities, yet differ dramatically when it comes to functionality. If you are getting confused between the two different spaces, we will break them down for you.


A gazebo is always designed with a circular shape. It may even be an octagon or hexagon, yet it is not created in a quadrilateral shape like pavilions or pergolas often are. A gazebo is a great way to add some character to a large yard space, giving you an area suitable for relaxation and small gatherings. Gazebos are commonly designed with a domed roof, compared to a pergola where a flat roof is more common. This means that gazebos have adequate overhead protection, where rain will run off effectively.

The high pointed roof is a distinguishable characteristic of a gazebo, which is often detached from a house and placed in the centre of open space to give the effect of being immersed in the outdoors. Gazebos have been present in parks and on estates since the mid 18th century, and are a more traditional solution to creating an outdoor/indoor area. Gazebos are open on all sides, which provides great airflow and light, but minimal protection from the weather and wind. However, Gazebos are limited in the time of the year that they can be used, as weather conditions have to be optimal to enjoy this space.


A Eclipse open roof louvre system is a modern technological adaption to the traditional pergola. It involves controllable louvre shutters comprised of extruded aluminium. The Eclipse system is the current answer to ultimate control over an outdoor living or entertaining area, where you can adjust the shutters to let in more air, light or heat. They have insulative qualities because of the aluminium properties, which means that the area can be utilised in winter and summer by adapting the space to the weather conditions, and either trapping the warmth in, or preventing it from coming in.

The louvre shutters can actually be installed in various applications, but are commonly used as roofing on a pergola. This option has similarities to a gazebo, as it can be altered to encompass airflow and light from the outside, while still give the option for protection from the elements if necessary.

Simply put, the main difference between a Eclipse louvre system and a gazebo is the versatility and functionality that louvres offer. Having ultimate control over how much light, and the amount of cover you need means that you can use this space all year round.

If you are thinking about adding a Eclipse Louvre shutter system to your home, give Eclipse Shade Systems a call.

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