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What are the Benefits of Louvred Opening Roofs over a Traditional Pergola?
November 15, 2020
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What are the Benefits of Outdoor Louvres

Opening Louvred Roof for Deck

Outdoor louvres are a great way to get the most out of the Australian weather all year round. Their functionality and an extensive list of capabilities mean that these kinds of technology are becoming a popular choice for homeowners and renovators. For those looking to get the most out of their outdoor entertainment areas, there is a range of reasons you should be choosing outdoor louvres.


By opening the louvres comprised of Extruded Alumunium, you will be able to maximise airflow through the covered area. If you want to have an outdoor kitchen under this system, this feature is a huge bonus as it converts your covered area to an open space where any smoke or steam can be cleared out easily. The manipulation of these louvres also means that when they are fully closed, there is full wind protection. The material also has the strength that could withstand a cyclone.


The Extruded Aluminium is a great reflector of heat. They can keep the heat trapped in during the colder months, meaning your gas heaters work more efficiently and that you can enjoy the outdoors even in the middle of winter. The louvres also can keep the heat out. The louvres can reduce heat radiation to the area below keeping it at a more comfortable temperature on blisteringly hot days.

Light Diffusion

A significant benefit of having an opening roof system with outdoor louvres is the ability to control the amount of natural light that is getting into your outdoor areas. By opening the louvres, you can let in a significant amount of natural light –  with up to 90% of all available light being able to shine through to the area below when the system is fully opened. Fully closing the Eclipse opening roof  produces full shade which means that even on the hottest days you can utilise your outdoor space comfortably.


The overall control this system delivers over your outdoors areas means that there is a greater functionality for the space below the louvres. Through the reasons listed above, there are more ways you can use your outdoor areas year-round. By having control over light, temperature and ventilation mean that when the unpredictable weather is a hindrance on your outdoor entertaining, you can adapt by opening or closing the Eclipse system to cater to the situation.


Having a traditional pergola doesn’t give you the ambient options that a Eclipse louvre system does, particularly when it comes to light. Having such a range of light options to choose from means that you can set your outdoor entertaining areas to the ideal level of light of the situation. Whether an open system on a spring day is appealing, or a small amount of natural light on a hot summer day makes for a comfortable setting, a Eclipse system will have you covered.

If you are thinking about getting a Eclipse opening roof  or sun louvre system for your home, give Eclipse Shade Systems a call.

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