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February 15, 2021
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How are Openable Louvre Shutters Installed?

Commercial Openable Louvred Roof

You may have decided to add the latest technological solution for pergola areas to your home, however, maybe you are not quite sure how the process works. There are known benefits of a Eclipse system with louvre shutters, however it is also crucial to know just how louvre shutters are installed.

Don’t worry, the process is relatively simple, and considering all of the significant benefits  of a Vergola system, it is worth it.


No matter what your design prospect is, there is a suitable installation option that will work for you. The shutters can be installed in various applications, not just a integrated flat roof. If you wish to create an integrated space, that is fixed to the existing house on one or two sides (a common choice), the installation is simple. The opening roof system can also be created as a freestanding design with an individual frame. This means that you can make a separate area from your home that still utilises the technology of the Eclipse system.

The shutters also don’t have to be used in a design that is solely quadrilateral. There are a range of application prospects (both integrated and freestanding) that involve angels. Similarly, there are also pitched and gabled roofing options where a flat roof isn’t required.


As the shutters / louvres are made to size, once the quoting and consultation phases are complete, it can be sometime before construction can commence. However, this is a good thing, as the shutters are made with precision which will benefit the overall effectiveness of the Eclipse system.

Depending on the layout of the home and existing frame, the length of the process may vary. However, it is simple. Louvre shutters can be attached to a number of materials including steel, timber and aluminium. Once the frame is built, and the shutters have been delivered, the necessary fixings and brackets are placed on the frame. The shutters are then installed individually or in sections (depending on the design) and the electronic system is programmed. After this, the shutter system can be operated with ease and effectiveness.

Once again, depending on the size and layout of the system, the installation can be completed in as little as a few days, and as long as a week. It is also dependant on weather conditions. It can be unsafe for installers to be on the roof fixing the frame or implementing the shutters in wet or windy conditions. This can lead to delays, so the time of the year is something to be conscious of.

The installation process varies depending on the size of the design and time of year. If you want to know how long your particular design might take, give Eclipse Shade Systems a call and organise a quote or consultation.

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