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Opening Roof & Sun Louvre Q&A

Can you quote a Square metre price?

Unfortunately this can’t be done as there is never two jobs the same so every job is tailored made to specifications. Rough estimations can be made on giving measurements of approximate sizes.

Do you supply and install?

Eclipse Opening Shade Systems provide a full service from design, quoting and Construction.

Can we just get a supply kit and install ourselves?

Yes, we can supply all the materials you need to complete your own install and will give you full advice on how to install.

What is your Guarantee on the Eclipse Louvre Systems?

The Eclipse Systems come with a 10 year guarantee on the louvres and pivot pins. All Motorized and electrical systems come with a 2 year guarantee.

What is the difference from an Eclipse Opening Roof to others in the market?

The Eclipse Opening Roof louvre is an extruded aluminium section that span up to 4000mm maximum. The louvre can be powder coated or anodized, all components of the Eclipse Opening Roof are Aluminium and stainless steel. The Opening Roof is powered by a 12 volt motor made up of 316 stainless steel. Eclipse is will always provide materials of the highest quality with the lowest maintenance for future.

I have a large area to cover, will the Eclipse Opening Roof be able to do it?

Yes it can. The Eclipse Opening Roof will cover large or small areas. Larger areas are broken up into banks of louvres, with all the banks being controlled from one switch system.

What colour range is available for the Eclipse Opening Roof?

The Eclipse Opening Roof louvres are extruded aluminium and therefore able to be powder coated or anodised in hundreds of colours. Beams, posts and other frame work can also be powder coated or anodised in the same colour range. Ask a design consultant for a colour chart today.

What is the advantage of an Eclipse Opening Roof system ?

The Eclipse Opening Roof is perfect for areas where you want weather protection without losing the sun and light into adjoining rooms. You will also get ventilation through the roof louvres.

The area I want to cover is an odd shape, will the Eclipse aluminium louvres still work ?

Yes the louvres will still rotate properly, the Eclipse Opening Roof is flexible enough for many shapes and styles.

Will the Opening Roof make my rooms dark when its closed ?

The benefit of the Eclipse Opening Roof is that you can normally leave the roof open. Even in wet conditions it can remain partially open to allow in light. An added feature is that light strips can be fitted to the aluminium louvres to allow light penetration even when the roof is completely closed.

Sun Louvre

I need privacy screen but not a water tight system, are these sun louvres suitable for this?

Yes, fixed or operable Sun Louvres can be set for privacy of balconies and patios.

Do you have different sizes of Sun Louvres?

Yes, Eclipse Sun Louvres come in 90mm, 133mm, 160mm, and 200mm widths.

What colour range is available for the aluminium Sun Louvres?

Like the Eclipse Louvres, Sun Louvres are manufactured from extruded aluminium and are able to be powder coated or anodised. There are hundreds of colours in the range, please ask a design consultant for a colour chart.

Can these louvres improve my homes Basix rating?

They certainly can. Installed in the correct way, the Sun Louvre Range aluminium louvres can improve Basix ratings by blocking hot summer sun, but in winter allow the warmth of the sun’s rays inside



Opening Roof

The Eclipse Opening Roof system gives you the ability to choose the mix of light, sun and shade for your outdoor area.


Sun Louvres

Whether horizontal or Vertical, Fixed or Operable, the Sun Louvre Range has a design option to suit your home.



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