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Opening Roof Systems
Full control of Light, Shade & Ventilation
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Eclipse Opening Roofs

The perfect roof for any weather condition

Do you want the ability to choose your desired amount of light, sun and shade for your outdoor area? Then Eclipse Opening Roofs are for you. Using quality materials and design simplicity the Eclipse Aluminium Opening Roof will fit perfectly with your home and be there for many years into the future.

Perfect Ventilation

Adjust the Aluminium Sun Shade Louvres on the Eclipse Opening Roof with the flick of a switch to allow the cool breeze and natural light in to your selected area. The Roof Louvres rotate 180 degrees, meaning you can use your Eclipse Opening Roof to block the heat of summer and also have the benefit of ventilating breezes and plenty of ambient light

Let the Light in

Use your Eclipse Opening Roof to catch all the light and warmth on brisk mornings. Opening Roofs allow the sun's natural light and warmth in, while retaining privacy. You can also have specially designed light strips fitted to your Eclipse Louvres. This allows light even when the roof is closed.

Sleek Design

With the Eclipse Louvre Opening Roof System the design options are endless. You can create your very own outdoor area, pool side patio cover or awning, a shaded retreat and countless other options. Whatever your design, the Eclipse Aluminium Louvres and Opening Roof System can most likely achieve it.            

Total Quality

Eclipse Shade Systems are manufactured from the highest grade aluminium and marine grade quality stainless steel, the Eclipse Opening Roof will stand strong in the harshest conditions. All Eclipse Opening Roofs are guaranteed when fitted by an authorised distributor for a period of 10 Years .This applies to the Louvres, pins & track system.                                                           

Simple Control Systems

Adjusting the Eclipse Opening Roof is easy as can be. The control system for the Eclipse Opening Roof is practical and user-friendly. The handset allows you to control the Aluminium Louvres. Setting the amount of sun, shade and air flow you wish without leaving the comfort of your seat.

You are also able to have various wall mounted switches installed. There are push button models in simple and smart versions. We provide basic Open & Close options and also more advanced rain sensors and connection with home automation.

One of the benefits of the Eclipse Opening Roof is the ability to combat any weather condition to best suit the owner’s lifestyle in all seasons. This means there is no need to move inside when it begins to rain as the Eclipse Opening Roof Louvres close to keep out the rain. Providing you with a breezy patio and sheltered room in one.


Opening Roof

The Eclipse Opening Roof system gives you the ability to choose the mix of light, sun and shade for your outdoor area.


Sun Louvres

Whether horizontal or Vertical, Fixed or Operable, the Sun Louvre Range has a design option to suit your home.



View our spectacular Opening Roofs and Sun Louvres in the Eclipse Shade System Gallery.



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